The Workshop

About the artist

A vaping enthusiast for more than 10 years, and with already set foot in the world of vapers, with my little Youtube channel "Juvapebien".

Having a growing desire to put the table back and also to rediscover the passion for craftsmanship, i decided to launch my brand and manufacture products related to the customization of vape boxes.

Having entered the world of Boro format boxes a few years ago, i'm passionate about fashion around these products.

As a mark of affection, and for the wink, i decides to name my brand Space Legend, because after all, the best in the sector is Mission XV.

This is the workshop

The workshop is made up of several machines, including a resin 3D printer, with an accuracy of 50 microns.

Numerous tools are used to implement all phases of part design.

Everything is made in a traditional way, and requires many hours of hard work to arrive at unique quality pieces.

I try to only use quality raw materials to guarantee the best of our products.

The realization process

In short, creating a panel is a good design example.

  • Creation of the model on Fusion 360, and iteration to obtain significant precision
  • Model printing
  • Phase of sanding, rectification and compliance of the part
  • Primer coat, pro quality
  • High quality paint
  • Coat of varnish, matte or glossy, marine quality
  • Placement of additional parts (like magnets or superimposed letters)
  • Quality testing and packaging
  • Photo and posting

And all that, for each panel! with love!